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What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

With the incessant influx of bad news regarding COVID-19 and orders to stay at home straining personal relationships, you may have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Chronically poor sleep can lead to a host of problems that will manifest themselves in multiple ways, from making you more irritable to lowering your immune system defenses. There are a few steps you can take that may help.

Did you know coffee can linger in the body for as long as eight hours? If you’re enjoying a late cup of Joe, the caffeine could be keeping you at night. Consider opting for something like decaf in the afternoon or other caffeine-free beverages in the evening.

Working out is a highly effective way of fighting anxiety and staying active while quarantining. However, it’s all about when you’re doing it. A morning or afternoon aerobic activity can reduce stress and aide sleep at night. A late-night session may seem like a good idea but it will affect your sleep. If you do want to get some physical activity closer to bedtime, yoga is great for both the body and mind.

If you go to bed and can’t fall asleep, remaining in bed isn’t going to help as it will only result in stress and cause the mind to continue racing. Instead, do something such as reading a book.

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