What is a Medical Discount Plan?

Do you need healthcare and are wondering how to pay for it? Perhaps you’ve heard of medical plans? Discount medical plans are not meant to be a substitution for having health insurance, so it’s important to understand the fundamental differences between health insurance and a discount medical plan. While they may sound similar, you must understand that a discount medical plan is not a type of health insurance. One of the goals of these plans is helping people save money on products and services that may not be covered by health insurance like; non covered diagnostic tests, extended physical therapy, cosmetic procedures, or simply be a means to help pay for any needed medical services in the absence of insurance.

When you purchase health insurance, it typically covers a defined array of benefits. You pay the insurance company in advance, and they pay a portion of covered services at specific providers. Your responsibility to pay for any of these services varies by deductible, coinsurance and copays required by your plan. Discount medical plans, on the other hand, give access to a wide range of providers who have agreed to discount their retail (“cash”) pricing for members of the plan – at a greatly reduced monthly fee compared to traditional health insurance.

Discount medical plans give the patient the power to select their provider from those participating in the plan, and receive any service that provider offers to its members. There are no referrals or authorizations needed – ever. You as the patient have complete control over where and how you receive the medical services you need. There is no middleman at the insurance company or the discount plan. Discounted services are required by law to be published (eg. on a website) with full disclosure of their pricing available and searchable by anyone interested or finding themselves in need of a medical service.

With a discount medical plan, the patient is responsible for paying the provider directly at the time the service is rendered, and each provider will collect their discounted fee. These discounts may even be applied toward the deductible of a traditional health insurance plan, saving the patient money.  So, discount medical plans may be used alone, or be a great addition to the coverage provided by a more traditional health insurance plan with a high deductible.   

Discount medical plans give the consumer control over their healthcare costs for a small monthly membership fee.

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