Visiting Loved Ones During the Pandemic

One of the more difficult parts of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic is staying away from older loved ones like grandparents. People aged 65 and above becoming infected with coronavirus have a high mortality rate. With summer in full swing and many places reopening, you may be thinking about visiting your older loved ones. There are a few things to consider.

For one, think about the person you’re visiting. If they are diabetic, have a serious health condition, or if they have a weak immune system you may wish to figure out whether the visit is worth the risk. Should you decide to visit them, make sure you’re doing everything you can to minimize your chances of becoming infected before the trip – practicing careful social distancing, not going out unless you need to, and wearing a mask when recommended or mandated.

When you do travel, a road trip may be somewhat safer than a plane as you won’t be around multiple rows of strangers. However, road trips do require stops. Consider packing your food so that you don’t have to eat in public places. When you do need to stop, wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and wash them thoroughly after gassing up or using the bathroom at a gas station.


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