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Simple Steps to a Healthier You

Part of keeping the immune system in good shape is by eating a healthy, balanced diet that provides essential nutrients to all parts of the body. If you haven’t already made the first steps to a healthier diet, it’s not hard to get started.

A successful path eating healthier and living better can start with making small gains. For example, try and prepare a meal at home at least once a week. Once you’ve become comfortable at that level, you can add more. Making your own meals means you can also avoid that costly lunch and enjoy leftovers. The Internet is packed with  recipes that can help greatly in spicing up your lunch or dinner plans. Should you decide to purchase ready-made snacks from a store, pay close attention to the ingredients. Some snacks deemed healthy may be heavy in sugar or salt. Food without extra added ingredients, such as fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, are often a healthier. If the label says “low fat”, this could indicate that the fat has been replaced with sugar. Speaking of sugar, if the product says “no sugar added” it doesn’t necessarily mean a low-sugar content. This could mean that depending on the product, it is using fruit juice concentrate to sweeten, avoiding the ‘added sugar’ label despite being a sweetening additive.

Don’t neglect physical activity. This doesn’t mean signing up for a pricey gym membership. Instead, think about simple steps you can take. Maybe do some squats while you’re brushing your teeth. If the distance allows for it, walk or bike to do your errand versus driving.

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