Insurance Plans can be confusing and full of hidden barriers. The doctor you want may not accept your Insurance, or there may be a referral needed which can be difficult and time consuming to obtain. If you fail to follow those insurance company rules, you may be liable for the full retail cost of the Medical Services.

Some insurance plans simply may not cover some services which you might want, such as allergy treatments, or procedures which are considered cosmetic in nature.

TotalMDplaN can help by pre-negotiating great discounts off of retail pricing at quality providers. You simply look up a participating provider, view the discount we have negotiated off of their retail charge, compare with other participating providers, and make an appointment with the provider of your choice.

With TotalMDPlaN you can get up to 50% discount off any medical service offered at a discount.

Here’s an example from one of our providers: SMC Medical. The following calculations will demonstrate how a TotalMDPlaN can help you save on office visits.

Drug Test $75 $32.50
Follow Up $50 $25
New Patient $75 $32.50
How it Works