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Healthy Perspectives in the Age of Coronavirus

The influx of information related to Coronavirus has many people on edge. If you already suffer from anxiety, the pandemic may be affecting your mental health. In between practicing proper hygiene, a few tips may help ease your mind.

Understand the facts. Coronavirus misinformation is rampant, especially online and in social media. Instead of feeding yourself news that may be distressing and inaccurate, stick to regulated news sources. You may also wish to limit the amount of time you spend reading the news or watching it.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Refrain from comparing your scenario to those of others. As is often said, everyone is dealing with their own unique life situations. Focus on you and your strengths while keeping things in perspective as much possible. Remain vigilant versus over reacting.

Consider the source. The unknown aspects of a pandemic are scary. But there are known concerns for each individual which may be more useful to consider.  Identifying the things in your life over which you may have some control (like food, medication, shelter, personal safety) can help you cope more effectively versus allowing the hype to consume you.

Reach out. Now is an ideal time to connect (if virtually) with your loved ones and close friends. Instead of insisting on a do-it-yourself approach, talk to others and see what they think. You may find their perspective, wisdom, or experiences are just what you need to ease your mind.

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