1) What do I get for my plan premium?

When you subscribe to TotalMDplaN, you become a member with access to all of the contracted healthcare providers and vendors listed on this website. Each of them has contracted with us for the services they provide which is displayed on the provider search page. By clicking on that provider, you will be able to view the actual prices that provider charges and discounts you will receive there for commonly performed services at that location.  Contact information for making an appointment, specific services which are covered, and directions are all displayed to make it easy to get the care you need.

2) How do I find a Provider?

TotalMDplaN contracts with a number of providers of different types of healthcare services in your area. We maintain a database of providers on our website, TotalMDplaN.com, which can be searched by location (zip code), specialty (provider type), discount, or provider name

You simply schedule an appointment with the contracted provider of your choosing.

3) What to expect at the Provider’s?

When you arrive at the provider, simply show them your membership card displayed on your phone (or a printed copy). They will confirm your membership and deduct the contracted discount from their retail charges at the end of the visit.

4) When do I pay my provider the discounted rate?

TotalMDplaN is not insurance, so you know your financial responsibility up front. The Provider’s office will apply the discount to the services you needed, and you will pay the difference to the provider at that time. There is no waiting to find out what you owe later and no scrambling for a referral. When you leave the doctor’s you can focus on getting well.  

5) What are the advantages of the plan?

TotalMDplaN gives  you complete and immediate control over your health, and the medical services you need. If you require special testing or follow up for a condition or service which may not be covered by traditional health insurance policies, you are free to visit one of our participating providers and get that service when you want it. With a small monthly membership fee, you secure discounted rates for wellness care or even an unforseen injury or illness.

6) Should I be worried about signing up for healthcare or giving out health information on the internet?

Absolutely, but RELAX with TotalMDplaN. We will never ask you to disclose any protected health information about yourself. We are not an insurance company, and we will never ask for or collect any information about the care you receive. We are simply providing you with a discount on whatever service you choose to access. We do not receive, collect  or process any claims or personally identifiable information about your visits with any of your providers. Your personal health information is between you and your provider alone – as it should be.

7) How do i sign up and maintain my membership?

Signing up is easy. Go to TotalMDplaN.com and enter only your contact and billing information.  With recurring monthly billing, your membership renews automatically each month and an up to date ID card showing your membership in good standing is generated and viewable on you phone or tablet. It may be displayed at your provider’s on your date of service, or printed out for their inspection. Don’t have an up to date membership card printed out? DON’T WORRY. Provider’s can search our database when you arrive at their office to verify your membership status.  

8) What if my membership lapses?

Keeping your TotalMDplaN membership current is best accomplished by recurring billing through either a debit card, credit card, or ACH (electronic check).  This will insure timely payments which will keep your membership active and ready whenever you might need it. If your payment method needs to be updated or changed, you will receive notification to update your billing information so that you can remain current. If you choose to terminate or fail to update your information in a timely way, and later wish to re-enroll, you will be charged an additional administrative fee for restoring your account.

9) What is the service area?

We are focused on community based care, but are committed to increasing the numbers of communities we serve. We are constantly on the lookout to expand to new communities as our network continues to grow. If you have a favorite provider or healthcare institution which is not in our contracted network, send us an email or call one of our customer service representatives, and we will be happy to explore bringing them on-board our network.  Check back often with our provider search tools to see the most up to date list of our contracted entities.