Developing Healthy Nutrition Habits

 If you are currently struggling with balanced meal preparation and maintaining a healthy diet, you are in the same boat as a lot of other people. You could be ordering takeout more often or eating unhealthy snacks you wouldn’t usually eat.  Reasons like stress and avoiding the grocery store crowds contribute to this. It’s still important to ensure your body is receiving essential nutrients.


If you’re among the many people working from home, set up your office so that the kitchen isn’t always in your direct view. This will help reduce the odds of feeling tempted to head into the pantry and grab a snack when you aren’t hungry. Strongly consider setting up a schedule of when it’s time to eat and work to stay on track and cut down on stress or boredom eating.


Drinking water regularly is important for hydration. However, there are other ways to keep the body hydrated. Fresh fruit and vegetables are high in water content. The body will do its job of breaking down the water inside these foods and release it into the body. You may find that your hunger feelings aren’t so much hunger as they are your body telling you it’s dehydrated.


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