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A Pain in the Back

Among the many issues people deal with, back pain is a common one. As many of us have to sit for hours at a desk often using poor posture, taking care of your back now can mean less pain as you get older.

If you have a regular full-time job sitting at a desk, make sure to get up now and then. Using a standing desk, or just regularly adjusting your work/body position, can help with easing back pain. Stretching is also a good way to ease tension in  the back muscles.

Regular exercise can help. You don’t necessarily have to start lifting weights to build back muscles. Simple running, biking or walking will improve postural tone. Yoga is another fantastic option where many of the exercises focus on strengthening the back muscles as well as the spine. With the right nutrition, exercising regularly will inevitably lead to weight loss, which can also help with easing stress on the back as well.

How about your body position at night? Your sleep posture may cause back pain. For example, sleeping on your side with the proper mattress or pillow support, or flat on your back can help keep the body aligned alleviating daytime back discomfort.

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