This Discount Medical Plan is a “Game Changer.”

Insurance companies charge you in advance for the care they assume you will need. They collect your money and they pay healthcare providers much less than their retail charges. Insurance companies keep the rest and you may never know what the provider was paid. Providers aren’t allowed to market any of these prices to the public. TotalMDplaN is not insurance, but displays prices for discounted services on its website,, for all providers in its network. These prices are free for the public to view on the web at any time. You can decide if you want to join for a small monthly fee and get those savings on your next doctor’s visit.


TotalMDplaN has a large network of local doctors with pre-negotiated deep discounts for members on many common services. Literally, if you break your arm, you can compare the cost for XRAYs, the visit, and the casting all online at BEFORE you head out to the doctor. Prices are posted on the portal and you can shop and know what you can expect to pay. You have complete control over which doctor or facility you choose in their network, and there are no surprises. There are also no referrals needed for any of these services.


Even if you have insurance, TotalMDplaN can be used to lower your out-of-pocket contributions toward a deductible. It’s your money, a membership at can help you save on healthcare costs.


TotalMDplaN is offered by Total Med Discount Plan LLC, a licensed Discount Plan Organization in Florida.