Different Providers Charge Different Prices for the SAME Service, Procedure or Test

Doctors and healthcare facilities set their own prices for each service they provide. These prices are basically a “wish list” for what they hope to collect for a service. The Government,  however, pays Providers (through Medicare or Medicaid) not what the Provider charges, but what they want to pay. Insurance companies separately negotiate with Providers and pay them an agreed upon price for that service which is almost always significantly less than the retail price set by the Provider.  

So, Doctors and healthcare Providers are used to getting less than their retail charge, but if you go to a provider without insurance or a discount plan, you are expected to pay that retail price. Further, you as a consumer do not know what the Provider will charge you prior to getting a bill for the services rendered after the fact. Providers are by law not allowed to advertise their charges, so the consumer is left in the dark until the bill comes later. 

TotalMDplaN changes all that. TotalMDplaN by Total Med Discount Plan LLC, is a licensed discount plan which negotiates discounted prices for certain services at participating Providers on behalf of its members. All of these discounted charges are posted on www.totalmdplan.com for members to compare.  TotalMDplaN gives members unprecedented access to healthcare prices and services and puts that power in the palm of your hand – on your phone. 

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